cumulus PhD network

WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10-17:30 CET

The aim of the Cumulus Ph.D. Network is to create a platform and activities where Ph.D. coordinators, faculty, and student community from the network can come together to collaborate and exchange learning.

The meeting will include:

  • intro on the scope, the contents and the structure of the PhD Cumulus Network;
  • the presentations of two Erasmus+ research projects which are developed on PhD programs in Europe at the moment (speakers: Paola Bertola – Politecnico di Milano; Mark Evans – Loughborough University; Pieter Jan Stappers – TU Delft; Lorenzo Imbesi – Sapienza University of Rome);
  • follow up on the development of the Cumulus PhD Network (speaker: Lorenzo Imbesi – Sapienza University of Rome)