On our virtual event platform (Hopin), you will be able to follow all sessions live or asynchronously, as all session recordings will be available on the platform for one week, including papers, working groups, new member fairs, thematic exhibitions and posters with the respective round tables. Through the dedicated platform & mobile app, delegates will have access to social networking features reserved for the registered delegates, already beyond 500 in total. We are sure the online conference will be a unique experience for our Cumulus friends, while ensuring a solid scientific programme together with special insights into the Roman life.

Please see below the joining information reserved to registered delegates of the conference.
You can find on separate pages other brief video guides (with transcript) dedicated to:


As a first step, you will need to create a participant account using a so-called “magic link” that has been sent out to this address in the past hour with the following subject:

“Online event invitation – Design Culture(s) | Cumulus Roma 2021”, from the sender “Sapienza University of Rome no-reply@hopin.com”
If you have not seen this invite yet, please check your email client’s “Update” or “Spam” folder.
Do not share this email with anyone, as the registration link is unique and can be used only once.

Please click on the blue button “Login & Join Event”.



This will lead you to a verification page, after which you will receive an additional verification email with the following title: “Confirm Registration & Join Copy of Design Culture(s) | Cumulus Roma 2021!”  

Please click again on the blue button, this time called “Confirm & Join Event” 



This will take you to the https://app.hopin.com/events/design-culture-s-cumulus-roma-2021/reception page. As of today, you will see only a cover page with all content is disabled, because the platform will open 1 hour before the event starts, at 8:30 CET of 8 June.

In the meantime, you may set up your profile so when the event starts you are ready to connect!




You can also have an overview of the schedule at https://hopin.com/events/design-culture-s-cumulus-roma-2021 , where you can find buttons to save sessions automatically into your Calendar (Google/Apple/etc), taking into account your time zone.

If you are an author, you may want to search in the page for your session code as published on the conference website.


While you stay on the same device/browser, you will remain logged in. 
If you plan to move between devices (e.g. tablet, phone), we recommend setting and saving a proper password for your Hopin account at https://hopin.com/users/password/new
If you already had a Hopin account with the same email address, then by clicking “Confirm & Join Event” you add it to the event list of your account.

If you need any additional information, you may consult the official Hoin guide “How to use Magic Links as an Attendee, Speaker or Moderator” or the guide “I was invited via magic link. How do I set up my password?” or, if necessary, contact us at hopin@cumulusroma2020.org 



Delegates will receive specific information soon according to their type of contribution (e.g. paper, poster, exhibition, working group).
Sessions are fundamentally similar to mainstream video conferencing solutions.
All delegates may join any session as a viewer, then they can ask to go on screen, but the session moderator (technical staff and session chair/coordinator) may allow only 9 videos shared at a time.

Usual video conferencing features are available, such as sharing your screen (or a window or a browser tab) similarly to Zoom or Meet, as well as Q&A, Polls and Chat for each session and the overall conference.
All sessions in the programme will be recorded and available until the morning of Monday 14 June. You will also be able to establish breakout sessions and 1:1 calls, which are not recorded.