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Paper presentations will last max. 15 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes of Q&A. Each session contains 4-5 papers and late morning sessions includes extra time for a talk/discussion led by track chairs.



WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
From Decoration to Functionality ——Research on smart accessories design in the Internet era Qingman Wu
Wearing the smart city: Supporting older adults to exercise by combining age-friendly environments and tailored digital public data Nicole Aimers, Alen Keirnan, Ann Borda, Sonja Pedell
The design of human machine interfaces: from data to risk prevention. Annalisa Di Roma, Alessandra Scarcelli
The body as an artefact: a case of hand prosthesis Venere Ferraro, Silvia Ferraris, Lucia Rampino
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Designing for the future by understanding evolving culture based on advancing technology and the changing behaviours that accompany it. Nayna Yadav
Human and artificial intelligence for the cultural reform of design Elena Laudante, Mario Buono
Instituent (Design) Fictions: co-creating iterative use cases to define technology conceptualisation Andreu Belsunces Gonçalves, David Hernández Falagán
The encounter between Design and Artificial Intelligence: how do we frame new approaches? Marzia Mortati
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
From the evaluation of acceptability to design of an assistive robot for elderly Mattia Pistolesi, Francesca Tosi, Claudia Becchimanzi
Design of robotic for superhuman tasks Fabrizio Formati
Design, space management and work tools: enhancing human work in transition to Industry 4.0 Luca Casarotto, Pietro Costa, Enrica Cunico
Digital Creativity Tools Framework Marita Canina, Carmen Bruno
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Artificial Creativity – Hybridizing the Artificial and the Human. Yael Eylat Van Essen
Domestic AI and Emotional Involvement. Design Perspectives Mauro Ceconello, Martina Sciannamé, Davide Spallazzo
The Designer in the AI/Machine Learning Creation Process Frederique Krupa
Artificial Intelligence is a Character? Exploring design scenarios to build interface behaviours Andrea Di Salvo, Andrea Arcoraci
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Art, Design, and Mathematics: Software programming as artifice in the creative process Carlos de Oliveira Junior, Eduardo Ariel de Souza Teixeira
Teaching Design in the Age of Platforms: A Framework for Platform Education Xinyi Li
Designers’ skills for Social Robotics Maximiliano Romero, Giovanni Borga, Rohan Sashindran Vangal, Francesco Baldassarra
Speculative Physical Models Created Through a Robotic Process Sara Codarin, Karl Daubmann
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Activist Activated: Efficacies of AR Political Poster Design Sarah Edmands Martin
Toys and Play, Weapons and Warfare: Militarizing the Xbox Controller Rachel Berger
Empowered by Code (to act in real word) Alfredo Calosci
Digital tools that support students to reflect on their design competency growth paths John Fass, Job Rutgers
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
A participated parametric design experience on humanoid robotics Annapaola Vacanti, Francesco Burlando, Xavier Ferrari Tumay
Human Sensibility, Robotic Craft: Toward Autonomous Stone Dressing Tom Shaked, Karen Lee Bar-Sinai, Aaron Sprecher
Between digital and physical. Envisioning and prototyping smart material systems and artifacts from data-informed scenarios. Stefano Parisi, Patrizia Bolzan, Mila Stepanovic, Laura Varisco, Ilaria Mariani
Designing somatic play for digital natives through a body-centric design process Seçil Uğur Yavuz, Kristi Kuusk, Michaela Honauer
Research on Gender Differences of Adult Head Shape in China Renke He, Wenxiu Yang, Yujie Cai, Tong Zhu, Yuhao Jiang, Haining Wang
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
The Perceptual and Dialogical Form of Design between Time, Space and Technologies Camelia Chivaran, Sonia Capece
Future heritage and heritage futures. A design perspective on the activation of digital cultural heritage stored in archives. Margherita Tufarelli
Towards a visual-based survey on explainable machine learning Beatrice Gobbo
Exploring Digital Inequalities: how Welfare States are disappearing behind an AI Paola Pierri
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
The role of Design in the telepresence robotics experience Lorenza Abbate, Claudio Germak
The Raise of Voice Assistants: A Review of User Experience Issues and Design Challenges Lucia Rampino, Sara Colombo
The Janus Face of Facial Recognition Technologies Romi Mikulinsky
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Case studies on the use of Virtual Preservation Techniques in Architectural Heritage Kai Reaver
Interface takes command. Educational environments, tools and practice to face the new normal Alessio Caccamo
Going beyond the problem of privacy: individual and social impacts of the use of personal information in connected services Laura Varisco
A systemic vision for the common good : |C|A|S|E| Goods Mobility in the fourth industrial revolution Federica Spera, Veneranda Carrino



WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
The role of vernacular typography in the linguistic landscape of multicultural Singapore: A multimodal analysis case study of a gentrified street Min-Yee Angeline Yam
Language and identity in new italian design Stefano Follesa, Yao Peian
Inner Geographies as poetic-aesthetic knowing: the inspiration and manifestation of creative doings through an emotively-orientated sensory methodology. Mizan Rambhoros
The Enlightenment of the Contemporary Transformation of Chinese Traditional Visual Space Perception on Cultural Sustainability design for all Jixiang jiang
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Design and the ‘Magical magic’. Luisa Chimenz
The Design of Politics: Understanding the Arrest of Cesare Battisti Through the New Media Factor Noemi Biasetton
Brand in Product: the language of the brand to manage the complexity. Mario Rullo, Massimiliano Datti
Towards a new design culture of scientific production. Innovating the formats of scientific publication of design Eleonora Lupo, Beatrice Gobbo, Lonardo Emilio
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Translation Design for medicine leaflets. Research and innovation. Elena Caratti, Antonella Penati, Valeria Bucchetti
Patient Autonomy Indicators: a knowledge visualization tool for patient autonomy support Wen Zhang, Yuan Liu, Li Hou
Form is function. Ethics and aesthetics of digital technologies in inclusive interface design. Letizia Bollini
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Metaphors as Knowledge Activators in Data Visualizations: the case of the Archipelago of Calvino’s literary works Tommaso Elli, Maria de los Angeles Briones Rojas, Beatrice Gobbo, Margherita Parigini, Virginia Giustetto, Valeria Cavalloro, Michele Mauri
Al-Kafiye: A Symbol for Change Hala Abdel Malak
What does mean this symbol? Icons as a Language for Emergency Rodrigo Ramirez
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
The Threshold of Language: Design and Soma Daniela Monasterios-Tan, Susan Sentler, Ginette Chittick
Where methods meet form Meret Ernst, Maya Ober
Ethical change through aesthetics of interaction: the interplay between ethics and aesthetics in intelligent systems-users interaction Gabriele Barzilai
“Graphicmance”. New visual languages between project and performance Giulia Scalera
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
The pluralistic aesthetics of nowadays design Francesca La Rocca
Designing the Gross. In search for interspecies collaboration and social inclusion. Nadja Gaudilliere, Adrien Rigobello
DEsign DEcide The sign TSvetomira Dimova Girginova
Solid perspectives in graphic & architectural design Tommaso Empler, Adriana Caldarone, Alexandra Fusinetti
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
A Sidewalk Museum: when exhibit design and the moving image join forces to rediscover the collective dimension of audiovisuals. Nicolo Giacomo Ceccarelli, Marco Sironi, Sabrina Melis
Spatial construction for ideational meaning: An analysis of interior design students’ multimodal projects Andrew Gill, Giovanna Di Monte-Milner
Performativity as a language of sense-making for cultural service in local museum Hongming Shu, Eleonora Lupo
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
BeyondStories Aureliano Capri, Valeria Michetti, Veneranda Carrino, Mauro Palatucci
Tales of Surprise: Exploring Sense Making Processes Through User Narratives Miray Hamarat, Ozge Merzali Celikoglu
Abstract to figurative, and everything in between: visual design approaches and linguistic codes of a traditional form of animated product. Vincenzo Maselli, Eleni Mouri
Visual dialects: exploration of early design sketching in various design disciplines John Daniel Öhrling, Åsa Wikberg-Nilsson
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Finding new representations of old knowledge: a design case study of visualizing I-Ching Yvette Shen
Data visualization as a qualitative driver in knowledge communication: an interpretative framework Giulia Ciliberto, Lucilla Calogero
Visualizing Offshore Foreign Direct Investments: The Atlas of Offshore Michele Mauri, María De Los Angeles Briones Rojas, Jonathan Gray, Daniel Haberly, Chris Anderson



WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Three-Dimensional Technologies: Digitising Nature Gregor MacGregor
Development of a test setup for validating a cognitive assessment platform within ICU’s Kristof Vaes, Muriel De Boeck, Guido De Bruyne, Philippe Jorens
No more whining – natural smart textile Heidi Pietarinen, Ana Nuutinen, Susan Kunnas, Risto Korpinen, Reeta Sipola
The shape of drugs: a matter of human-centred design Antonella Valeria Penati, Silvia Luisa Pizzocaro, Carlo Emilio Standoli, Valeria Maria Iannilli
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
The river and the revered: Tracing the impermanence of the land, the people and the embroidered Saumya Pande, Indrajit De
THE WICKED HOME: Living Architecture as Ecological Holobiont Rachel Armstrong, Nel Janssens, Rolf Hughes
Emotional factors in Co-creation Environments in the No-Human Era Mariluz Marcela Soto Hormazábal, Caoimhe Isha Beaulé, Satu Anneli Miettinen
Hybrid systems of human
biological products: a road to a greater sustainability?
Marco Marseglia, Francesco Cantini, Alessio Tanzini
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Connect art and science for a functional biomimicry in design Andrea Forges
Paving the way to post-digital smart materials: experiments on human perceptions of a bio-inspired cellulose-based responsive interface. Stefano Parisi, Markus Holzbach, Valentina Rognoli
The revolution of living systems in design. Radical change, design, culture and non-humans Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa, Luis Hernan
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Adopt the elderly. Redesigning the process Maria Benedetta Spadolini, Chiara Olivastri
Autonomy as Design Principle: Service Design for the Technology Literacy of Older Adults Houjiang Liu, Miso Kim, Canqun He, Tia Thomson
The Food Futures Teaching Cluster: Food Culture, Visual Communication Design, and Collaboration Ben McCorkle, Peter K. Chan, Rick Livingston
Future.Dress. The superskin for the human body in near space Maria Antonietta Sbordone, Ilaria Giampetraglia, Alessandra De Luca
Smell, the invisible ingredient: contributions to a participating food design Lígia Afreixo, Francisco Providência, Sílvia Rocha



WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Design Culture (of) Making :Investigating Creative Processes and Pedagogy as Fashion Thinking. Susan Jane Postlethwaite
The Making of a Dress: Explicating Implicit Processes Adrian Mingyao Huang
Claudio Alcorso and post-war textile culture Tracey Lisa Sernack-Chee Quee
The Emerging Fashion-Tech Paradigm in the Contemporary European Landscape Chiara Colombi, Chiara Di Lodovico
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Progetto Glume: from milling waste to resource for new materials Danilo Perozzi, Laura Dominici, Elena Comino
INTER-WEAVING CULTURE & CRAFTS IN DESIGN EDUCATION Puja Anand, Alok Krishan Bhasin, Priyanka Khattar
Craft in Architectural Education Barak Pelman
Distributed design and production for distributed care. Investigation on materializing bottom-up open and indie innovation in the field of healthcare Patrizia Bolzan, Massimo Bianchini, Laura Cipriani, Stefano Maffei
Design culture of playing. The musical instrument industry: an important culture of made in Italy Marco Mancini
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Heterotopias of Space: How Capitalism is Alienating and Controlling Societies Sarah Khayat
Letterpress: a survey of print culture or an immersive learning experience Andrew Haslam, Alex Cooper, Rose Gridneff
I – D, Idiosyncratic Proceedings on Reading and Production Meta-Objects in Contemporary Industrial Design Angeliki – Sofia Mantikou, Athanasios Farangas, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Alexandros Psychoulis
Mind-mapping in design culture: A tool for ideation in graphic design education? Philip Jones, Marion Morrison
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Designing textiles with sequential changeable structures – weaving with dynamic materials Riikka Talman
Digital encounters in the culture of textile making: developing a hybrid aesthetic language for textiles by fusing additive methods of surface fabrication with knitting technology Delia Dumitrescu
Biotextiles applied to everyday objetcs Maria Cristina Munoz, Jose Francisco Alvarez
Experimental Stacking of Complex Geometries Liqiong Huo, Jongwan Kwon
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Accumulation of empirical investigation into joint structures in wooden furniture design Yi-Shiang Lin, Ming-Huan Lin
Generating Ideas with Codesign Toolkits: A case study codesigning the cinema of the future Simone Taffe, Sonja Pedell
A designed generation Luca D’Elia
Playing for change: designing a board game for the circular economy Thomas David Cockeram, Jessica Clare Robins, Emmanuel Tsekleves, Leon Cruickshank
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
The Shape of Wellbeing: Investigating an approach for the development of a design requirements framework. Sandra Dittenberger
Collaborative ontology design for describing Open Hardware and Open Design projects Massimo Menichinelli, Emilio Velis, Andre Rocha, Alessandra Schmidt
A Study on the Application of Japanese Lacquer in Accessories Design Tianxiao Xie
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
New scenarios for developing cooperative platforms for local manufacturing Alberto Calleo, Giorgio Dall’Osso, Laura Succini, Michele Zannoni
Re-distributed Manufacturing in Makerspaces: Towards a Sustainable Model of Production Louis Rose
Material culture(s). Research paths in an evolving material design culture, and the connected future designer’s attitudes Doriana Dal Palù, Beatrice Lerma, Claudia De Giorgi
Made by (Material) Frustration Arielle Blonder, Shira Shoval, Eran Sharon
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
If we can’t make it together, we won’t make it alone – The challenge and potential of collective making Stephanie Carleklev, Lena Håkanson, Anna-Karin Arvidsson, Stephan Hruza
Collaborative Capabilities: aural encounters in digital/analogue co-creative making George Steve Jaramillo, Lynne Mennie
Designing Within Contemporary Spaces: Embracing Digital and Physical Environments Krissi Riewe
An Exploratory Study about Communicating 4D Printing between Product Designers and Manufacturing Engineers Faten Ezrin Azhar, Eujin Pei



WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Framing diversity: designing hearing aids from a deaf culture perspective Patrizia Marti
“But I’m a lecturer not a therapist”: Educational Coaching – a proposed alternative approach to supporting students through their creative education Gary Michael Pritchard
Knock Knock: An exploration of diverse student identities in a South African design classroom Amanda Morris
Hybridity as a culture of making Nicole Schneider, Maya Ober
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Decoding the birth of transcultural fashion Shipra Kukreja
De-stereotype UX Design – Discussing and managing issues related to the clustering of users in the design of innovative solutions Margherita Pillan, Alessandra Mazzola
On (un)becoming in Design Academia: coloured female’s autoethnography of multiplicity in post-student protest Higher Education in South Africa Cheri Velma Hugo
Universal visual languages in a male-oriented society Valeria Luisa Bucchetti, Francesca Casnati
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Gazes and Gatekeeping: Reconceptualising the entrance portfolio in the post-colony. Diane Cornelia Steyn
Design as a medium for an informal learning. INDICOlearning: from the interface to the activity. Marina Puyuelo Cazorla, Mónica Val Fiel, Hugo Barros da Rocha Costa
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
The Neighbourhood Home, system of environments for plural inclusion Ilaria Longo
Learning and Differences reciprocally shared and validated: A decade long Participatory Design collaboration between Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School and Emily Carr University of Art + Design Raymond Patrick Zachary Camozzi, Helene Day Fraser, Caylee Raber
The Ethics and Knowing of Shared Intention in Design Lisa Mercer, Terresa Moses
DREAMT IN MEXICO Paolo Cardini, Karla Paniagua



WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
The effects of eye expression on emotion perception Yi Hsun Liu, Hsi Jen Chen
Gamified e-Learning approached through Emotional Design in the Post-Covid-19 era. Na Wei, Yong-Ki Lee, Juyoung Chang
Thinking With Card: Curriculum-Led Making Activities Integrated with Distance Learning Ben Hughes
A Comparative Study of Online Teaching Modes of Sino-Italian School of Design: A Politecnico di Milano, Tsinghua University, and Tongji University perspective Fan CHEN
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
A COVID-19 Horizon Scan Looking for Post-Pandemic Implications for Design Marcus Foth, Glenda Amayo Caldwell, Joel Fredericks
The value of design in the emergency-driven scenarios. Crafting Ecosystems with data. Chiara Scarpitti, Enza Migliore, Francesco Dell’Aglio
Community-led design capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond Mariana Fonseca Braga, Eduardo Romeiro Filho, Haddon Galvão Guimarães Pereira, Emmanuel Tsekleves, Rosângela Míriam L.O. Mendonça
Kids-centered Pocket Park design. Well-being for children in the urban post-covid context. Benedetta Terenzi, Anna Laura Pisello
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
“United in isolation. An online letterpress festival”. A community response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Andrea Vendetti, Elettra Scotucci
Expansive Video Capture Brendon Clark
Reaching Audiences in 2020 Sharon Hooper
Shifted paradigms in sustainable fashion design education: Studying implications & effectiveness of pedagogical methods adopted in a pandemic setting Pragya Sharma
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Design Education in a Pandemic Context Harald Skulberg
Designing new learning experiences in pandemic time: how digital can support a new didactic in Service Design. Andrea Taverna
Inter-University Design Workshop: plurality in design education Inés Alvarez-Icaza Longoria, Reneé Harari Masri, Diego Alatorre Guzmán, Lucero Donaji De la Huerta Santaella, Ana Elena Hernández Palomino
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Autopoietic design; seven components for a sustainable future design model. Gonzalo Raineri
(Re)envisioning the contribution of design to the sustainable transition of healthcare systems Amina Pereno
Reinforcing Networks of Place-based Care and Resilience Julie Van Oyen, Jacquie Shaw, Laura Kozak, Jean Chisholm
NANOMEDICINE and TOURISM in the post-pandemic era: smart “mobility & health” through furniture design for lab-on-chips Claudio Gambardella, Pietro Ferraro, Assia D’alesio
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Ecosystem Framework for Community Life Circles based on Life Projects in the Post-COVID-19 Era Tao Chen, Yong-Ki Lee, Juyoung Chang
Research on rapid mass production of emergency products based on FDM 3d printing Xueyan Wang, Dongmei Peng
A Sustainable Jewellery Design Practice for Psychological Health after Covid-19 Huiyi QU
Cross-Team Brainstorming and A Comparison of Online to Physical Version Heng-Yi Mie, Hsi-Jen Chen
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
The Design Culture and the Challenges of the New Normal Nicola Morelli
Strengthening city resilience through the re-orientation of a social innovation incubation programme in Covid-19 time.The case of ‘The School of the Neighbourhoods’ Marta Corubolo, Anna Meroni, Daniela Selloni
Participatory design. A new way of perceiving the locality: economic growth, social inclusion, environmental protection. Fabio Mongelli
The Challenges and Benefits of online Education and the possible impacts of the entry of IT firms in the education ecosystem Nayna Yadav
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Telemedicine, today more than ever. The ABBRACCI design concept for COVID-19 patient monitoring Martina Frausin, Alessia Buffagni
Understanding public health communication design globally during the Covid-19 pandemic: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Emmanuel Tsekleves, Mariana Fonseca Braga, Alejandro Moreno Rangel, Mafe Salazar De la Fuente, Linli Zhang, Hannah Field, Hayley Alter
Hospitals’ decision-making regarding infrastructural adaptations in response to Covid-19 Pleuntje Jellema, Margo Annemans, Ann Heylighen
Semi-immersive Virtual Habitat to Enhance Relaxation in People with Dementia during COVID-19 Emergency Silvia Maria Gramegna
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Healthcare innovation during the pandemic time: digital technologies to enhance clinic 4.0 Stefania Palmieri, Mario Bisson, Alessandro Ianniello
Identifying Factors for Designing a Successful Telemedical Training System for Remote Pediatric Physical Exams Elham Morshedzadeh, Ph.D., Andre Muelenaer, MD, Jr, MD, MS,, Michelle Morris, Dana Werlich, Margaret Nelson, MD.
Post-pandemic medicines: towards a new normality. Antonella Valeria Penati, Carlo Emilio Standoli, Patrizia Bolzan



WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Radius 100: research, design and community Dr. Yona Weitz, Arch. Sharon Koniak
The Attractive Factors of Fundraising Online Learning Platform: An Online Learning Experience Perspetive Min Yuan Ma, Hsin Yi Huang, Eric Chen-F Hsieh
Data visualization and knowledge sharing in participatory design to improve people liveability in urban places Giovanni Borga, Massimiliano Condotta, Chiara Scanagatta
Evolving the future city-based retailing through design thinking: a Chinese hybrid model approach Yujia Huang
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Design projects as projects for organisational change in Public Sector Felicitas Smittinger Schmittinger, Alessandro Deserti, Francesca Rizzo
Building a design observatory in Portugal: developing a model of analysis Nina Costa, Vasco Branco, Rui Costa, Afonso Borges, Raul Cunca, António Modesto, Catarina Silva
Social networks as enablers of design cultures: An analysis of multiplex relationships among members of a creative hub Sine Celik, Tua A. Björklund
Democratizing design: Lessons from a case study in Alpine areas Daniele Busciantella Ricci, Ilaria Argenziano, Marta Gandolfi, Michela Ventin
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
European Cultural Differences as a Design Driver in Exploring and Developing Smart Assistive Technology for an Aging Society Danying Yang, Louise Moody
An answer to the complex representation of territory. The fertile ground of mnemotopes and design of communication. Clorinda Sissi Galasso, Giovanni Baule
Collaborative Futures: an innovative pedagogical model for delivering future-focused and citizen-centred design education Marianne McAra, Kirsty Ross
Design When you are the Other 90%, a Student’s Perspective Kyle Brand
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Subversive Design. Designer Agency Through Acts of Insurgence Seth Michael Parker
Global Proximity: case studies of international collaboration between US, Italy, Guyana and Japan. Valeria Albani
Multiple narratives for multiple visions: engaging citizens in building future scenarios for their city through participatory design and storytelling. Annalinda De Rosa, Davide Fassi, Francesco Vergani
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Placemaking and Media: Reading the City through Filming Locations Onur Mengi, Deniz Deniz, Zeynep Arda
New Technological Space for Tourists. Design as a Trigger of Experience, Osmotic-Membrane Interface, Know-How Provider and Social Engager Luisa Collina, Ilaria Bollati, Claudia Mastrantoni, Umberto Tolino
A Design Experience for Interactive Narrative Based on The User Behavior Yuan Yao, Haipeng Mi
The systemic approach and the use of new technologies to design a new cultural heritage network Marco Faccini, Alessandro Spalletta
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
When a designer encounters an artisan: a parameters analysis investigation Carla Paoliello
Making practice as narrator of changing social worlds-Textiles and the Scottish Borders, in the 21st century, but based firmly on the past? Britta Kalkreuter
SIGNS OF THE ARTISAN CITY Eleonora Trivellin, Susanna Cerri
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Heritage and cultural accessibility: the role of design in the creation of an intercultural dialogue Irene Caputo, Marco Bozzola, Claudia De Giorgi
Immigrant Cultural Acculturation- A Study of Tibetan Clothing in India. Anahita Suri
Feeling endem Hans Venhuizen
Proximity as space of opportunity: connecting people, productions and territories Valentina Gianfrate, Elena Formia, Flaviano Celaschi, Elena Vai
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Design for Social Justice in MInd : the Case of Elementary Classroom Design in Québec, Canada Caroline Gagnon, Claudie Rousseau, Thomas Coulombe-Morency, Cadoret Sonia, Colin Côté
Creating an inclusive learning environment to support transformative learning and encourage upward educational mobility opportunities for economically or academically under-resourced design students Michal Rotberg
Communicating social values to children using design solutions Laura Giraldi, Marta Maini, Francesca Morelli
Design for Promoting Pro-environmental Behaviours of the Georgian Domestic Workers in Ankara Ayşe Kaplan, Lilyana Yazirlıoğlu
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Placemeaking through Creative Practice: Enabling Change and Empowering Future Change-makers Saskia Gabriella van Kampen, Cheryl Giraudy
Co-designing the future of a public space and its related services. The case of the Reggio Emilia Ducal Palace and its park. Daniela Selloni, Anna Meroni, Marta Corubolo
Rethinking Parking Garage User Experiences. Exploring Innovative Suicide Prevention Strategies Through Motivational Design Sebastien Proulx, Adam Fromme, Maya Jenkins
The city of care Anna Anzani, Elena Elgani, Maria Renata Guarneri, Francesco Scullica



WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Fashion Futuring: Rethinking Sustainable Fashion Design Alessandra Vaccari, Ilaria Vanni Accarigi
A Study of Zero Waste Fashion Design and its Possibilities within a Design for Circularity Process. Debbie Moorhouse, Tracy Cassidy, Parikshit Goswami, Andrew Hewitt
Designing Resilience: A Map of Singapore’s Sustainable Fashion Movements Harah Chon, Elisa Lim, Natasha Lim
The Study on the Sustainable Design of Intelligent Wearable Products Suitable for Aging Han Chen, Lei Shen
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
The Cot, The Pot and Other Stories Lena Ragade Gupta
The Materiality of Resilience Emile De Visscher, Iva Rešetar, Lorenzo Guiducci
Awareness, compatibility and equality as drivers to resilience in sustainable design research Giuseppe Mincolelli, Gian Andrea Giacobone, Silvia Imbesi, Michele Marchi, Filippo Petrocchi
Eco-Lab-Orating: Insights from an Ongoing Intervention with Design School Faculty Rakefet kenaan
A Research on the Sustainability in Traditional Cave Dwelling Construction Skills in Northwestern Shanxi Province Runze Liu, Haoming Zhou
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Craft your Future Chele Esteve Sendra, Manuel Benito Martínez Torán, Ricardo Moreno Cuesta, Eileen Blackmore
Scraping the surface- discussing the many ways a product can be sustainable Charlotte Sjödell
Towards ‘regenerative interior design’:
exploring a student project
Giovanna Di Monte-Milner
Green infrastructures and satellite images: the case study of Munich Giovanni Borga, Filippo Iodice, Federica D’Acunto
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Materials Designers. Boosting Talent towards Circular Economies Laura Clèries, Valentina Rognoli, Pere Llorach
Smart, Safe and Green System. A Resilient-Based Strategy for Sustainable Buildings and DIY Design Cecilia Cecchini, Paolo Mondini, Miriam Mariani
The Tree and The Room: Co-Designing DIY WiFi Networks with Emergent Local Metaphors Michael Smyth, Ingi Helgason, Lauren Lapidge, Katalin Hausel
Sustainable deliberation; an empathetic ‘mantra’ Amita Deshpande, Ranjana Dani
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Design educators in the 21st century: introducing the Compass methodology to prepare future designers as changemakers in a culture of resilience. Catalina Cortés, Alejandra Amenábar
Circle Sector: exploring the role of designers in a circular economy Ben Hagenaars
The SDGs framework as strategic lever for design education. Simona Maccagnani, Marco Ricchetti
Working with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Design Education Silje Alberthe Kamille Friis
Creativity as a driver for sustainable development and social innovation Giorgi Debora, Fiesoli Irene
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Weaving the New Way of Making from the Andes RODRIGO MUNOZ
Slow Engagement & Widening the Frame – Emerging Models of Social Innovation and Design Culture Diana Nicholas
Cooperatives enterprise, incubators for the co-design of a new organizational and management model for sustainable development. Caterina Rosini, Silvia Barbero
Codesign as an operative framework for Resposnible Rserach and Innovation Francesca Rizzo, Alessandro Deserti
I Don’t Want to Feel Outdated. The dissonance between product attachment and contemporary relevance Malene Pilgaard Harsaae
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Design Education and Forest Environments Caroline McCaw
Designing Sustainable Product-Service Systems applied to Distributed Economies in Water-Energy-Food Nexus approach Renke He, Meng Gao, Carlo Vezzoli, Ke Ma
O_Textile. A Design Research applying Circular Economy in textile field Maria Antonietta Sbordone, Viviana Vollono, Carmela Ilenia Amato,  Barbara Pizzicato
Evolving the conventional curriculum: innovative learning interventions in a classroom to enhance design students’ learning competencies Joselyn Sim, Harah Chon
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Discovering the Design Values in the Chinese Pre-Qin Classics Miaosen Gong
Walk the Talk: towards an ecological futures framework for our designed cultures Håkan Edeholt, Jomy Joseph, Nan Xia
Designing out design: seeking solutions for the circular economy, some lessons from the fashion system Hilde Heim
Trace: fashion, design and responsibility Elisabetta Cianfanelli, Renato Stasi, Matilde De Gennaro, Maria Grazia Soreca, Margherita Tufarelli
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Design Plugin: Using Design Thinking Approach in Smart Sustainable Cities Education Tarmo Jaakko Karhu, Martijn Gerhard Rietbergen
Preparedness and infrastructure design for disaster and emergency situations; the key to a resilient community Noemi Bitterman, Medardo Chiapponi
Water infrastructure as leverage for resilient cities: a multi-scalar design perspective on urban flooding Sophie Leemans, Erik Van Daele
The potential of Theory of Change to visually model the key mechanisms behind design-driven social innovation projects Luca Simeone, David Drabble, Kerstin Junge, Nicola Morelli
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Innovation through circular economy: Tool development for multidisciplinary approach to product-service-system Design João Nunes Sampaio, Ana Afonso
From Objects and Products to Things and Stuff Hervé Grolier, Clare Ruth Green
Designing community – creating resilience through collaboration Jessica Clare Robins, Emmanuel Tsekleves, Leon Cruickshank
Space & Service design taxonomy, overcoming undefined space & service design contexts Nansi Van Geetsom, Andrea Wilkinson
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Strengthen ties of social bonding through design from an emotional perspective Deyanira Bedolla Pereda
Lost in transition. PSSD for major life transition. Paola Trapani, Nadejda Cervinscaia, Martina Monelli
Replicating the Unpredictable: Board Games as Prototypes for Wildfire Evacuations Thomas Maiorana
Food Cycles. Redesigning processes and products Silvia Pericu
Role of Social Ecologies within Social Design and Social Innovation Neeta Verma
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Teaching and Practicing Service Design and Social Innovation: Experiences with Communities at the Margins in São Paulo, Brazil Rosana Vasques, Mari Suoheimo, Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos
Design for Social Innovation and Craft Communities Hazal Gumus Ciftci
Designing resilience. Design dealing with communities Carlo Branzaglia
Surviving in the wild: sustaining design and social innovation initiatives in Asia-Pacific Cyril Tjahja
The poetics of waste in contexts of satisfactory use and social action Desamparados Pardo Cuenca, Patrik Baldan



WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Speculative Design in Education: Mapping the Landscape Ingi Helgason, Ivica Mitrović, Julian Hanna, James Auger, Enrique Encinas, Michael Smyth
Education formats to integrate Design with Humanities, Politics, Social Sciences & Education Anna Lottersberger
PhD Curriculums Based Comparative Study in Design Discipline under Chinese Context Fan CHEN
Critical Thinking in fashion design education – New learning approaches for a systemic change in the fashion industry Carolin Susanne Ermer, Julia Schwarzkopf
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Realising Discourse: A Strategic Design Solution to the Problem of Addiction Jason Hobbs
The Agency of Discursive Design Exists in the Industrial Karma Dabaghi
Disrupting governance by Systemic Design: The Rebellion for the value creation Carolina Giraldo Nohra, Eliana Ferrulli, Silvia Barbero
Experiments on complex systems mapping around materials. Flavia Papile, Romina Santi, Beatrice Gobbo, Tommaso Elli, Barbara Del Curto
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Politics by design Elisabetta Cianfanelli, Maria Claudia Coppola, Margherita Tufarelli
Targeting Areas of Design Intervention across Levels of Complexity Tanner Loe Slade, Nicola Morelli
Lost and Found in Translation Mark Bruce Nigel Ingham
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Disruptive technologies and behavioural change: Design fiction as trigger for critical thinking Mila Stepanovic, Venere Ferraro
Walking the Line: Creative Research as Critical Activity Tania Allen, Brooke Chornyak
Does design thinking matter? Empirical study and survey on the effectiveness of design thinking Hannah Park
Design as a methodological stance in interdisciplinary research Valérie Côté, Caroline Gagnon, Lynda Bélanger, Daphney St-Germain
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Time and Design. Time as a key parameter for a survey on contemporary design enza migliore
Guilty Materiality: why we play down material relations Clare Ruth Green, Stéphane Treilhou
From the product to the object. The speculative design practice as instance Chiara Scarpitti
From trustful empowerment to overwhelming guilt : current activism practices. Alexia Autissier
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Alternative narratives data visualization archive María de los Ángeles Briones Rojas, Michele Mauri
Exploring visualizations of design processes from a design activist perspective – a scoping study Karina Goransson, Anna-Sara Fagerholm
The Transformation Will Not Be Televised Peter Friedrich Stephan, Raz Godelnik
MANIFESTO! Now: Game Design for Revolutionary Thinking Julian Hanna, Simone Ashby, Sónia Matos, Alexis Faria
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
The Patient Revolution. New design perspectives in healthcare innovative processes. Carla Sedini, Laura Cipriani, Massimo Bianchini, Barbara Parini, Stefano Maffei
FASHION-TECH REVOLUTION: HUMANITY WITHIN COMPLEXITY Alba Cappellieri, Chiara Colombi, Livia Tenuta, Susanna Testa
Why we need more somatic culture in design Silvia Sfligiotti
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Reframing development: A proposal on the role of design research in Latin America based on situated views of the world Juan Alfonso de la Rosa
Design for Fast Track Democracy Jennifer Schubert, Bastian Koch
Projecting Change: Redefining Preservation in the Era of Sea Level Rise Liliane Wong
Speculative Design for Public Administration. Design Fiction as a Tool to Better Understand Public Services Gianni Sinni



WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Radical Interdependence: learning/doing with things Jaron Rowan
DISRUPTIVE THINKING IN DESIGN EDUCATION Riccardo Balbo, Elda Scaramella, Serena Selva
De-signing Ambiguity Dr. James Dyer, Christian Skovgaard Petersen
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Investigating the assessment system for applicants for Industrial Design at a University of Technology in South Africa Jan Hendrik Dubery, Kyle Brand
Tokyo 2020: globalization and self-orientalism in the communication of the next Asian Olympic Games. Claudia Tranti
Culture and Relationality. Moving towards post-rational design. Thomas Ainsworth, Sally Clare Sutherland
Which way to go? Some complicated crossroads facing design culture in Aspen. Elena Dellapiana, Ernesto Ramon Rispoli
WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Bodies of Evidence: making in/visible histories in South African Design Education Nike Irene Romano
Theory under suspicion: criticality and material meaning in practice based research Marta Camps, Jaron Rowan
Re-Thinking & Appropriating Design Education for a VUCA World Sabine Junginger, Jan Eckert, Guillermina Noël
Domesticity and digital eugenics: design cultures of Silicon Valley Luis Hernan, Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Diversified Orientation and Design Value in Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Tie Ji, Yinman Guo, Xiaolei Min
Modern design discourse emerging in Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) Qassim Saad
The chain reaction. How to design a process for transforming museums by rethinking personnel skills. Alessandra Bosco, Elena La Maida, Silvia Gasparotto
The engagement of visitors in faber’s houses and studios. Empirical design research and experimental actions in Lombard area Raffaella Trocchianesi, Anna Mazzanti, Alessandra Spagnoli, Davide Spallazzo
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Banham’s ‘Unhouse’ as Anti-Interiority: Towards Twenty-First-Century Theories of Design and Domesticity Helen McCormack
Anticipatory Design and Futures Literacies: A Need and a Hope Andrew David Morrison, Manuela Celi, Laura Clèries, Palak Dudani
Authorship and automation in the digital design culture Giuliano Galluccio
Fantasia and analogical thinking: a specific reflection on teaching the essence of the Creative Leap Valentina Auricchio
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Towards borderless futures: How transcultural approaches changed the practice of graphic design Juliana F. Duque
Designers-Thinkers and the Critical Conscience of Design Sanna Simola
How to teach design thinking to non-design students: enablers and barriers to transfer design research practices. Gianluca Carella, Michele Melazzini, Xue Pei, Cabirio Cautela, Marzia Mortati
The concept of Interaction Design under review: literature review and interviews with qualified informants Eduardo Ariel de Souza Teixeira
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Design history and the decline of historical thinking Cesar Pena
Exploring Asian Philosophy and Service Culture: With a Focus on Dignity as a Design Principle Miso Kim
Rethinking Design through Literature Susan A. Yelavich
Always ordinary, never straightforward: Considering the work of Lorraine Wild David Cabianca