POSTER and EXHIBITION presenter guide

This is a quick guide about presenting your Poster of Exhibition on the Cumulus Roma virtual conference platform. We recommend a modern web browser such as Chrome.

One hour before the conference, you can enter and start looking around the platform. On the reception page you can find the schedule with session codes that match the program published on the website.

All the posters of the conference are displayed section called EXPO, within the page dedicated to posters.

5 minutes before your session, its schedule item becomes available from the Notifications, Reception or Sessions menu. Please find the POSTER SESSION among the currently active option, and enter the virtual room. The session chair and a conference staff will wait you and help with technical issues, if necessary.

When your presentation is about to start, the session moderator will call your name and then you can join the video by clicking on the red button. Please confirm your video and audio device. If there are multiple registered authors of your contribution, they can join as well.

As usual with video conferencing tools, you will be able to share your screen, a window or a browser tab. You can use your poster as a presentation material, which will be listed and visible also on the same page, under the video stream.

The session audience may contact you in the session CHAT or in the Q&A tab. The session moderator will help you handling questions and the audience may enter in the video call for a deeper discussion. Poster authors are encouraged to engage in a round table discussion at the end of the session.

Please remember that your session will be recorded and available under the EXPO menu of the platform. Conference delegates may get in touch with you also through personal chat or one-to-one video call invitations.

If you want to test out the audio, video and screen sharing options, you will find a session called PRESENTER TEST ROOM always available with conference staff to help you.