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POSTER SESSIONS | Max. 8 posters presented in a session with a 3-5 minutes talk of the author + 5 min. discussion. Posters will be exhibited for the entire duration of the conference and linked also in the poster session.
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 14:30 – 15:50 CET
Mass media imaginary as a symbol. How image is revealing the crises of our time through cinematic design. Celia Cuenca García
Digital visual tool for design project development in a multidisciplinary team Michela Carlomagno
Identities and sustainable futures David Serra Navarro, Carme Ortiz Valeri
Interaction studies applied to Robotic Surgery Giovanna Giugliano, Sonia Capece, Victor Fernando Munoz Martìnez
Guided by Voices from the Fields: A case study on earth, plants and fashion design Piret Puppart, Julia Valle-Noronha
Knitted expressions Faseeh Saleem
Craft in Makerspaces: The Potential for Social Change for Sustainability Alessandra Fasoli
Aeon, in his original meaning of “life”, “vital force” or “being”, “generation”. Gianfranco Olivotto
THURSDAY 10 JUNE, 16:10 – 17:30 CET
Design and Neuroscience for the UX. Possible tool for Designers Alessio Paoletti
Kairos: How Digital Culture Heritage can improve society and its development through Systemic Design Giovanni Capoccia, Veneranda Carrino
Italia 3.0 Monica Bortolussi, Martina Mitrione, Sonia Massari
Exploring the potential uses of ocean plastic and public engagement activities for raising awareness Xingyu Tao
Recycling, refusing plastic useand choosing biodegradable materials for new products Alexandra Anghelache
Neighborhood Cowork: Co – Creating agents for social change Sandra Luz Molina, Cynthia Jaramillo, Alejandro Ramirez
Co-creating prosthetics as fashion accessories for assisting people with disability – the case of hearing impairment Andree-Anne Blacutt, Stéphane Roche
Hybrid Town – Stories in Maps: from China to Milan Guido Tattoni, Germana De Michelis, Hagit Pincovici
FRIDAY 11 JUNE, 9:30 – 10:50 CET
Shifting Mindsets, Bridging Generations Shiu Heng Sin
Time Well Spent Ace Chia
A visual-analytical approach to phases of transition in people’s life paths Laura Charlotte Heym, Jennifer Liesbeth Schubert, Sofia Sanchez, Irene Visentini, Alvise Mattozzi
Pen Your Thoughts: A Visual Design Language Study on Student’s Learning Progression Jennifer Samonte Aguilar
Enabling Collaborative Turns: A conversation-based approach for design workgroups Sze-Yunn Seah
Trans/Feminist Critical Making – Design as Open-Source Opposition Michelle Christensen, Florian Conradi, Marie Dietze
Visual Exploration Method to Engage Art History with Practice-based Mindset in Design Education Hanny Wijaya
Feed: design for Eating Disorders prevention in pre-adolescent age Carlotta Belluzzi Mus
FRIDAY 11 JUNE, 11:10 – 12:50 CET
Intervention of Indian Textile Craft in Design Pedagogy for Social innovation and Economic Growth Sakshi Babbar Paul, Saroj Bala
Education in social design by means of artistic photography (ongoing research). Cecilia Casas-Romero
Collaborative methods: design bridging academia and industry Teresa Franqueira, Pereira Catia
Creative design process for envisioning the future of emergency medical services in smart cities Vipul Vinzuda, Niall Deloughry, Leonard O’Sullivan
Design as a tool for participatory transformation of urban space Jacobo Muñoz Duato, Damià Jordà Bou
Grey Matter Jerome Picard
Title: Real-time snow information for tourists Subtitle: Utilizing AI for tourism – case Snowman Marija Griniuk, Michelle van Wyk, Jesse Talsi, Maija-Liisa Rautiainen, Paivi Timonen
Festival Living Labs: Involving the Festival Community in Sustainable Experimentation Marije Boonstra, Aranka M. Dijkstra, Peter Joore
TellMi Ecosystem: an example of Design Process applied to didactic methodology. Elisa Chiodo, Michele Aquila